4. Chuva.
5. Suor.
6. Lágrimas.
7. Seiva.

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  1. seiva.
    3. [Figurado] Vigor; força; energia.

  2. When Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff first went into the mountains, the Kogi told him a story about the birth of the world. In the beginning, they explained, all was darkness and water. There was no land, no sun or moon, and nothing alive. The water was the Great Mother. She was the mind within nature, the fountain of all possibilities. She was life becoming, emptiness, pure thought. She took many forms. As a maiden she sat on a black stone at the bottom of the sea. As a serpent she encircled the world. She was the daugther of the Lord of Thunder, the Spider Woman whose web embraced the heavens. As Mother of Ice she dwelt in a black lagoon in the high Sierra; as Mother of Fire she dwells by every hearth"

    One River. Explorations and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest. Wade Davis.